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My personal feelings of loss and grief in those first few days are forever etched on my soul. When I hear the music or see pictures or TV shows it still feels so surreal to think that he is gone. This year, tomorrow, I will be with my Father, as I am many weekends recently, as my siblings, my Father and I try to find our balance following the recent and unexpected death of my Mother. Finding balance after someone dies is very hard, as you know better than most.

We’ve actually gone to the trouble of identifying some TV commercial stars. Who these hardworking men and women are in real life may just surprise

She will now oversee news, arts, science, and education for radio and TV programming. Meanwhile, managing editor Ethan Lindsey succeeds Kernan as executive director of news. Its gain of four-tenths pulls the plug on five downward trends in a row that accounted for a It finished first in that Bay Area market between January and June. Both sides are extremely energized. The coming mid-term election promises to be as exciting, if not more, than a presidential election.

Nothing is going to be so terrible no matter how it plays out. Women are not doomed and the Democrats are not a mob. His passion for radio, [as well as his] experience with many of our clients and involvement in non-profit organizations, makes him a great fit. I am looking forward to getting started and making a difference. Our work is increasingly being recognized with awards at the regional and national level.

2016 World Series

This World Series, despite being in an odd-numbered year, opened in the NL home because of the omission of the World Series. Until , the World Series would begin in the AL home in even-numbered not odd-numbered years. The Braves overcame some early inconsistency to win their division by 21 games.

WMMS Verified account @wmms Cleveland’s Rock Station. Home of Rover’s Morning Glory, The Alan Cox Show, and FM Home of Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball and Cleveland Indians Baseball.

Season Pass Member’s Prvate Clubhouse. Interactive western themed show. An upcharge Virtual Reality show. Children 2 and under are free. It has 4 tube and 3 body slides. It stands 10 storys tall. Children 3 and under are Free. Bermuda Triangle -Final season for Pirates! Children 2 and under are Free. Phase 1 is completed by June 18th. Hyde’s Nasty Fall is Central Park. The Boogie Down Band performs here.

1995 World Series

The second-seeded Cavaliers recorded their 17th straight home win by knocking off Miami at Quicken Loans Arena, dropping the Heat from a tie for seventh into a tie for eighth in the East. Cleveland , which got 23 points, eight rebounds and seven assists from LeBron James, 23 points from Kyrie Irving and a Cavs season-high 17 points off the bench from Iman Shumpert, would play Brooklyn in the first round if the season ended today.

Miami is tied with Boston for the final playoff spot in the East, but would win a tiebreaker with the Celtics.

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He was an original and he passed way too young. It also means his team is now programming two adult standard stations in the market — KKJZ-HD2 and KKGO-HD3 — very unique for any programmer in the country to programming not just one, but two adult standard stations in one market — and on fm to boot, even more rare. The memorial service was held at the St. Towering above the crowd were superstars from the world of sports, like Jerry West. He lived for opportunities to make people think, learn and experience all that was Joe McDonnell.

Joe was known for going to bed at a young age with a transistor radio — it was no surprise that he fell in love with the medium and became a talk show host. Andy Ludlum Joe was an information hound; this man would read five books at a time. He actually became a pretty good cook and was proud of some of the creations he dreamed up. He was especially proud of his BBQ rub and wanted to make a line of spices called Mr.

Joe had a unique approach to athletes, coaches, managers, front office workers, ushers and listeners and it served him well over the years.

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The guest, Plain Dealer editorial-page editor Mary Anne Sharkey, perches almost coquettishly on a bar stool, crosses her legs and produces her signature toothy grin. A group of earnest young suburbanites who call themselves the Young Democrats eagerly await her thoughts. The Plain Dealer for many has served as the embodiment of their antipathy for Cleveland — so stodgy, so deeply unimaginative, so very … well, Cleveland. When the question-and-answer session begins, the tenor of most of the questions suggests the audience believes the newspaper to be the instigator of dozens of ongoing civic conspiracies.

Cmon, she teases, think about every other large, bumbling bureaucracy with which you have intimate knowledge. Are any of these institutions remotely capable of mustering enough coordinated intelligence tofoment evil, even if so inclined?

 · Lady Gaga attends ELLE’s 25th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration presented by L’Oreal Paris, Hearts On Fire and CALVIN KLEIN at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on October 15, in Los Angeles, +Gaga.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes have been recording music and touring the world since the mid s. Listen to the whole interview here: Mostly jazz and rhythm and blues. It just sounded so much fun, it sounded like a real good time was being had. As a kid growing up…you know, it just sounded like fun music. How do you think it shaped the music that you kind of ended up playing all these years afterward?

I enjoyed all that and I loved the Stones, but the teenage stuff was just not really for me. I was not a big pop music guy. So, you know, when I started singing, I wanted to do mostly Chicago blues and rhythm and blues. At that time, Steven was gonna go out on the road with Bruce Springsteen and this was gonna be our last album together, in his eyes.

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And John Wesley Harding — friend to Backstreets and one of the few artists to serve as an opening act for Springsteen — delivers a new version of his own “Scared of Guns” with his twelve-year-old daughter Tilda reciting NRA donation figures. Click here to hear in advance Harding’s and Russell’s recordings, as well as another Roots and Branches track: Jim Musselman has assembled Roots and Branches in the “old-school” way, he tells Backstreets, as a collection of material both new and archival with deeply interconnected themes, flowing together like the best albums do.

As he stated in yesterday’s press release, each of the collections’ three CDs or parts in the case of the downloadable version form a trio that “match my three goals in forming Appleseed Recordings — to provide an outlet for songs of social justice, both current and past; to release newly written songs of personal experience and emotion in modern times; and to keep alive the centuries of still-vital traditional songs from our country’s and our world’s history.

To learn how to move forward, we can never forget the lessons, or songs, of the past. Musselman also has written an essay that will be included as part of both the 3-CD set and the digital download.

After losing the World Series in to the Minnesota Twins and in to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Atlanta Braves were trying to capture a title for the third time in 46 years.. This World Series, despite being in an odd-numbered year, opened in the NL home

Hannity recently moved from the See the report here. As Mills notes, he agrees with Becker that a generation ago, this was not even close to the case. However, multiple stations in market ownership clusters are welcome to carry the program simultaneously. Program director Brian Ram is searching for his new afternoon drive jock….. Compass Media Networks is offering the one-hour special to stations in available markets commercial free…..

The full artist lineup will be announced on October 10, but the company teases that Liam Payne and Camila Cabello will perform at select stops throughout the tour.

The Floridian ( December 4, 1847 )

Overview[ edit ] Created in April as “an ironic twist on Cleveland’s down-and-out reputation as a decaying Rust Belt city,” the station’s longtime promotional mascot has been The Buzzard’. A federal offense , the act nearly cost WMMS its broadcasting license. In , in an effort to make the medium more commercially viable, the U.

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Had to get into engineering to get any respect at all. I was in the minority, because by the end of the s, it seemed everyone else was listening to WIXY. But it was a long time before I warmed up to hard rock and roll, and WIXY was a little too wild for my tastes. I can remember the KY personality lineup in the early ‘s: John in the evenings, and Ted Lux all night. But in the s, I remember Jerry G. I pick up Jack occasionally on KB radio out of Buffalo, and he was talking about meeting Bobbie Gentry when he was in Cleveland in When the station was sold in and became WWWE, it changed drastically, and a lot of the personalities left.

Jim Runyon tragically died of cancer in he was only 42 , and his passing seemed to mark the end of an era, not only for the station, but for Top 40 radio. Centerville Tennessee Having been involved in the broadcast industry for 15 years as both contract engineer for several stations and on-air for a couple, I thought that I had heard it all or at least most of it before. I hope that I have recreated the scene accurately and not left any of the considerable details out due to sagging memory emissions or some-the-such.

Centerville Tennessee is a small town in Southern Middle Tennessee about 60 miles south west of Nashville. As with many small stations the weekend shift amounted to exactly that:

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