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The Chiefs Special was the first 5-shot J-frame. I would be willing to suggest that it is the most influential compact revolver design of the 20th Century. In its essential notes, it is copied by Ruger, Taurus and Charter Arms. Whether or not we would declare it the archetypal snubby would come down a matter of personal taste, but the Chiefs Special is certainly the leading contender for that designation. The Chiefs Special J-frame was developed from the very popular. The I-frame was a 5-shot hand ejector double action revolver. It was very popular because it was so small and light, but it was not strong enough to handle the more powerful. The demand was great for a snubby that was small like the Terrier but able to handle the. They dubbed it the J-frame. The Chiefs Special became the Model

Smith & Wesson K/L Frame Round Butt Revolver Grips

I don’t know the serial so don’t ask, but the gun is literally in unfired condition. Best guess would place date of purchase in the 50’s or 60’s. It was in the original box, with the original papers, and whatever else came with the gun when purchased.

Smith & Wesson K/L Frame Round Butt Revolver Grips The Smith and Wesson K-Frame revolver family are the iconic American double action revolvers. They were the most important platform for the development of all of Smith & Wesson’s line of revolvers.

Visit Colt Website Colt is known for creating some of the highest quality firearms including the pistol supported by numerous other awesome standard and tactical pieces of equipment, from rifles to shotguns. Not able to locate the date of manufacture for your Colt firearm? Well we did some digging and found that Colt offers an archival service for a moderate fee to locate all records of your original Colt shipment.

They provide every spec about the gun, who is was shipped to, when it was shipped, and even how many other firearms were shipped at the same time as yours. You can find the order form and specifications of Colt Manufacturing’s archival service here. Browning Pistol Serial Number Visit Browning Firearms Website Browning Firearms has created and manufactured firearms from shotguns, rifles, rimfires, and pistols including many other gun related accessories.

How to find your Serial Number Use these videos to find the serial number on your gun or firearm. Glock Pistol Serial Number Visit Glock Perfection Website Here you will find the Glock Talk forums where you can search and chat with individuals who own glocks and can share information with you on finding out “When was your glock made? This is as simple as matching red to red, blue to blue, or 1 to 1.

Ensure you have your serial number handy and visit this site to begin. The website is straight forward and all you have to do is type in the serial number to your gun and BAM you are presented with the date of creation, simple as that. Marlin firearms are kept in a database along with other manufactured firearms for easy reference.

You can reference the above website in order to date your firearm by the numbers and letters in the serial number and also learn how to read the serial number to know what each number and letter stands for, just like in a drivers license number. This cross reference can be used to figure out which Sears firearm was created by which manufacturer as a mirror model of their own.


This free movie blog is not free, they charge a hefty sum for a college or district, but a lot of schools are selecting it that numerous are getting passwords at their students, so ask your school about the difference. They will present the codes to get in and perform learn about science, social studies, math, English, health and technology typically. Gunblast For Smith Wesson Shield By means of contrast, another report tells of a couple in the Tucson area that helped design and equip their own house, together with a home solar system.

Home was an arms length or so off the beaten track where capability lines moved around. Instead of merely a square feet, this home was sq ft.

Smith & Wesson model 36 The Model 36 Chiefs Special was produced from to It still survives in modern metals in the form of the Model , the Model 60, the Model 36LS, the Model , the Model , and their variants.

This product review was made possible by GunsForSale. A revolver in medium weight that has excellent handling, fires a powerful cartridge with wonderful accuracy. Jordan was a famed Border Patrol agent and a genuine gunfighter down on the Mexican border. Armed confrontations were commonplace back in those days so if any one knew what type of revolver was needed for police officers it was Bill Jordan. Sure there was the model 10 and the newer but the 19 was the preferred revolver of the bunch.

After much experimenting with various steels a blend capable of handling the pressures involved was created. He has a model 19 in the cover picture. The first were sold in and renamed the model With the exception of a few very large police departments most officers of the time had to purchase their own duty revolvers. The Border Patrol was one agency that provided duty weapons and the model 19 was standard issue for many years.

This adaptation solved the problem with the forcing cone and top strap issues. The model 19 in these photos is my personal gun. This particular example is a that dates it between and Even after all these years of use and carry the finish still looks good.

smith and wesson model 60 serial numbers

New Bedford, Massachusetts, Ships to: Please see all pictures and visit our eBay store and other eBay auctions! The corporate headquarters are in Springfield, Massachusetts. Horace Smith and Daniel B. Smith developed a new Volcanic Cartridge, which he patented in

Cogswell & Harrison is an ancient company, with a founding date of , pre-dating the birth of America, spreading its influence throughout the world in every major war since. The company still makes fine firearms, this is a living piece of history that will always spark conversation.

One was Henry M. Stebbins, who in noted that shooters were only then becoming adjusted to its power level. But more experts than those who wrote for gun magazines learned to appreciate the big Smith. Patton bought one before he went overseas in WWII, embellishing it with his trademark ivory stocks bearing his inlaid initials. When he gave away one of his matched Colt Single Action Army revolvers to a Hollywood star, he augmented the remaining.

So, legend has it, did the very first. Among those with the 4-inch. One day in Maine in , Walsh shot it out with the notorious Brady gang. Armed with a Colt. Ed McGivern, the famed six-gun wizard of the period, often used one in his demonstrations, and repeatedly shot man-size targets with it at distances out to yards.

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Threaded into frame and pinned in place Barrel length: Fixed notch Frame size: Medium K , exposed hammer Weight: Walnut, Magna square butt Material: Carbon steel frame and cylinder Finish:

The Smith & Wesson Model 39 was a semi-automatic pistol developed for the US Army service pistol trials of After the Army abandoned its search for a new pistol, the Model 39 went on the civilian market in and was the first of Smith & Wesson’s first generation semi-automatic pistols.

The cartridges show a head stamp 11 6 C for Cordite not black powder. The packet remains in excellent condtiin save one open co New Item Email Price: A scarce box of Remington built for the Remington rolling block sporting and the 3 Hepburn Rifles only. S primer H Solid head. All original cartridges to the box and all rate exc Sealed packet of 38 revolver cartridges.

This packet has the instruction for the saving of the spent shells for reloading. Partial box of sport loads No 5 ch. This is a 2 piece box top show goose in flight, DuPont dual powder. Front cover oversize primer, batte Vintage early s Newfoundland powder horns. Crude hand carved name John Pinhorn Winterton Cove.

Neat vintage powder horn

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Companies often use or “borrow” words from other languages to give their product names a certain cachet. Sometimes their choices are a bit odd. German makers of knapsacks refer to them as “Body Bags”. Vielen Danke to Marc Tobias for this item. Look for the side bar on “Lost In Translation”.

Gorgeous finish, “neutral balance,” and built-in accuracy made the Model 27 a long-lasting classic. In , Smith & Wesson and Winchester announced a new revolver and a new cartridge simultaneously.

There were proponents of both arts to be sure, however, we had not yet entered into the information age and the widespread knowledge we have today was a long time coming. Today’s reloader has much excellent information at hand from gun magazines, powder and bullet manufacturers, bullet mold companies, reloading equipment companies, reloading manuals, even videotapes, and if one is quite selective, the Internet.

Where and when did cast bullets begin? We do know the first use of gunpowder as a weapon occurred in the middle of the 14th century. Bullets were actually rounded stones, however men soon discovered it was much easier to mold bullets from iron and lead. The use of lead artistically speaking for artifacts goes back years before Christ, and the Romans even combined tin and lead for catapult projectiles. With the coming of firearms in the mid th century it was soon discovered that lead made the best bullets, or at that time, round balls.

Even today the round ball is still the most popular shape among those shooting muzzleloaders. However beginning in the first quarter of the 19th century, many experimenters worked to find better shaped projectiles, even bullets that would expand and fill the rifling when fired.

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