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New York cast members The cast of the ninth season, from left to right: New York revolves around the everyday lives of women working in the male-dominated world of hip hop. The first two seasons focus on the personal and professional struggles of four women, two of which are girlfriends of famous rappers, and two are aspiring recording artists. Subsequent seasons expanded to include talent managers and producers, DJs and radio personalities , stylists , video vixens , glamour models and groupies. The show has a sprawling supporting cast , consisting mostly of men in the industry, who in most cases share the same amount of screen time and storyline focus as the show’s leads. The premise of the show shifts in season nine, with more of a focus on couples within the industry, with several previously supporting male cast members promoted to the main cast. Swiss Beatz ‘s ex-wife Mashonda would appear in a minor supporting role for three episodes. All main cast members from the previous season returned for a second season, along with new cast members Kimbella Vanderhee, the girlfriend of Juelz Santana , and Yandy Smith, Jim Jones ‘ manager. The show underwent major cast changes in season three after last season’s reunion special, in which all four original cast members accused their producers of manipulating storylines for drama.

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It was the same manufactured Mona mess as always! And here Yandy thought involving the grandmothers would create calmer negotiations. Rich Dollaz has fun friends. He asked Cisco and Mendeecees to go shoot some hoops, but uh oh! The fellas take a wrong turn on the way to the basketball court and end up at a strip club.

Feb 16,  · DJ Self, if you aren’t familiar with his storyline was in a relationship with Yorma Hernandez that like many other television relationships seemed doomed from the start.

Current Richard “Rich Dollaz” Trowers Season 1-present is an entertainment manager and record producer. He is a member of the self-professed “creep squad”, along with Peter and Cisco. He was introduced to the show as Olivia’s long-term manager, although the show later focuses on his love life, including his relationships with Erica Mena and his flings with Jhonni Blaze, Diamond Strawberry and Mariahlynn. He has a daughter, Ashley.

Peter “Gunz” Pankey Season 4-present guest star in season 3 is a rapper and father of Tara and Amina’s children. The series chronicles their twisted love triangle and baby dramas.

And We’re Off: Love & Hip-Hop: New York Season 5 (Episode 1) [VIDEO]

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Monday, January 19, Read Hey y’all! Peter Gunz makes it just in time for the birth of his daughter. He’s still lying to Amina and telling her that he was in Barbados for business. He also tells her while she’s in labor that he’s ready to move back home and focus on their relationship since Tara is moving on from him. Amina is upset and crying because she knows the only reason why Peter wants to be with her is because Tara is sick of his mess. Yandy Smith is on her bird life as usual.

She tells Mendeecees Harris that if he goes to jail again, she’s prepared and she knows she can make it on her own. Wait a minute, that’s cool and all but what about the 2 kids and the one on the way that will have to live without their father? Why do you continue to bring children into this world knowing there’s a possibility that their dad will be locked up for a minute?

Why not wait until his legal troubles are over? Ugh, so many questions, not enough answers. Chrissy is talking about she has uterine fibroids or something along those lines, so she stops taking her birth control for three weeks.

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Cosmic geometry and mathematics and alladat jazz. And none of us saw it coming. No one really knew how infamous it would become, but the seeds were there. For those not in the know, a few great things include: In the midst of this storm though, we were introduced to a mild-mannered but passionate Rich Dollaz.

Season 5, Episode Regrets Only Peter fumes that Amina snitched on him. Elsewhere, Mendeecees tells a lie to Yandy about Omere; Erica informs her family that she’s in love; Diamond seeks Rich’s help to win back Cisco; and Chrissy participates in a lusty photo shoot.

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A video posted by Jhonni Blaze vh1jhonniblaze on Jan 17, at A video posted by Ooooooo La La! If you don’t got my money I’m not showing up! All those weak promotors trying to get press enjoy. But, Jhonni Blaze blasted her and said Erica is lying.

In , Dollaz dated Moniece Slaughter from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He also had flings with Mariahlynn, Jhonni Blaze, Diamond Strawberry, and Jade Wifey. Outside the show, Rich Dollaz had a girlfriend named Miracle. This guy is real Casanova and he sired multiple kids with different women.

New York debuted last night, and in just one hour we not only caught up with some of our old faves, we meet some new castmates as well. Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Jr. They should probably do that soon because Yandy is clearly showing. She looks about five months in every scene. The two come face to face or rather fist to fist at a model call Rich Dollaz is holding for his new liquor. I hear we can expect lots of fighting from Erica this season. The episode is obviously centered around Mendeecees and Yandy, and things get awkward when Mendeecees takes Yandy on a surprise date to Las Vegas; during their getaway, he asks Yandy to elope.

She pretty much denies him at the chapel, and rightfully so—no woman wants to hold you down for 14 months and maybe longer only to get a shotgun wedding in Vegas. Remember Darryl Strawberry, the former baseball player?

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Equipped with over 10 years of industry experience, the media mogul, entrepreneur, and TV personality continues to build her brand, while adding the titles Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Producer to her resume. However, it’s been hard to juggle it all with two kids to take care of on her own. As Yandy continues to provide for her family, she must face all the adversity that comes along with having a relationship and working in the music industry, especially with Mendeecees battling the legal system.

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New York” continues to capture the heart and hustle of being on top of the music industry in the city that never sleeps. The birthplace of hip hop is the stomping ground for these hopefuls to continue to make their dreams come true – whether it’s to reunite their family, secure a relationship, or become a rising star – they each will hit the pavement trying to make it all happen. His girlfriend Chrissy Crastanda would like to solidify their relationship, but Chink’s commitment to his family and work may prevent them from moving forward.

Chrissy Crastanda- is a NYC socialite and owner of a modeling agency. She is ready to start a family with her boyfriend Chink but his other commitments and delayed divorce are putting her wishes on hold. His “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship with his girlfriend Diamond Strawberry takes a turn for the worst when she decides to move to NY to be closer to him and later finds out he has been dishonest. But when another artist is added to her manager’s roster, she is disappointed to find out that she may be sharing her spotlight.

New York,” the cast looked forward to new beginnings and had left many issues unresolved. This season, issues and relationships resurface.

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